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"It has been said that I have slept in more castles than anyone else in the world, so I know a good castle when I stay in it! Since launching Celtic Castles in 1998, I have been helping people from across the world find the perfect castle for a wide range of holidays, celebrations and events."

Roger Masterson, "The Castle Man"

Memorable holidays with Family and Friends

"Through our ownership of Celtic Castles, Roger and I (along with our daughters Sally and Meg!) have had the opportunity to experience first-hand a wide range of castle properties across the UK, Ireland and France. The castles on this website have all been hand-picked, based on our personal experience of spending time there with groups of family and friends."

Julie Masterson

Passionate about castles

"Just Castles is the result of our 'castle passion' and our desire to share the fantastic experiences we have had staying in castles over the last two decades. These amazing buildings bring people together, history alive, and create special memories for life. We love hearing friends and family reminisce about the time they stayed in a castle."

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"We hope to impart the tips, experiences and practical advice we have gained, combined with Just Castles’ exclusive offers and incentives, to help make a castle holiday a reality for you. By signing into the website, you will be able to tap into our knowledge and get access to a wealth of additional features."

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